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I am originally from Winter Park, Colorado and currently finishing my Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley.


Engineering Portfolio Highlights

Design for Nanomanufacturing: SpaceCAL (ongoing)


“SpaceCAL” is a consecutive Computed-Axial-Lithography (CAL) printer designed for micro-gravity to support non-inventory manufacturing for in-space missions. Our objective is to experiment with bioprinting, printing of seals and gaskets in flexible material, further understand the relationship between gravity and part strength (or lack thereof), the range of printable viscosities without part sedimentation, heat generation and convective flows within resins during printing, and assessing the modularity and accessibility of a CAL system for astronaut use.

Design for Nanomanufacturing: OpenCAL (Personal Project)

OpenCAL is an open-source volumetric printer intended to serve a growing community of VAM enthusiasts and lower the cost of development for volumetric printing. The project was initiated in 2021. The greatest expense in VAM is the optical setup due in large part to the precision optical components and light source. Additionally, CAL is affected by alignment on two independent axes. A system must be designed and manufactured with a high degree of accuracy to support optical alignment for a cylindrical vial. The final design was a collet and collet tool holder modified with a timing belt gear drive (see gallery).

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