Relevant Coursework:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Simulations (MEC201)
  • Experimentation and Measurements (MEC103)
  • Engineering Dynamics (MEC104)
  • Electronics for the Internet of Things (MEC100)
  • Introduction to Robotics (MEC106a)
  • Heat Transfer (MEC109)
  • Fluid Mechanics (MEC106)
  • Mechanical Behavior of Engineering Materials (MEC108)

Project Reports and Writeups




Joule Heating


Process Simulation and Optimization of Sintering and Compaction Manufacturing (Advanced Modeling and Simulations: ME C201 Project)


Feedback Control for a Temperature-Fan System (Experimentation and Measurements Report)


Implementing Genetic Algorithms on Functions (Advanced Modeling and Simulations: ME C201 Project)


Spark! A falling conductor detection device (The Internet of Things: ME 100 Final Project) : Worked with a partner to build and prototype an IOT device to detect a falling conductor (grounded transmission line) over an MQTT broker using IMU data. I wrote the network script (Python based), built the subscriber circuit, and designed a protective case.


Yhprum’s Hand: A chopstick yielding Sawyer Arm + Allegro Paid (Introduction to Robotics: ME C106a Final Project) : Worked with a 6-person team to control a 7DOF Sawyer Arm and Allegro Hand to perform pick n’ place operations using computer vision. I designed a 6061 aluminum end-effector mount on a 3-axis manual mill, helped design the object detection algorithm using image segmentation from one webcam, and helped write a ROS node to localize the detected object into the robot’s workspace.